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I’d like to inform about Cedar Springs Public Schools

I’d like to inform about Cedar Springs Public Schools

  • Divisions
    • Athletics
      • Twelfth Grade Athletics
      • Middle School Athletics
      • Athletic Boosters
      • Athletic Leadership Council
      • Eligibility, Forms and Demands
      • Game Venues and Costs
      • Hall of Fame
      • NCAA and Future University Athletes
      • Title IX
    • Office Environment
      • Bids
      • Budget and Salary/Compensation Transparency Reporting
    • Curriculum
      • Learning Arrange
      • Evaluation
        • M-STEP
      • District Curriculum Objectives
      • Curriculum & Teaching Points
      • Enrichment Development
      • third Level Studying Legislation
        • Reading Intervention
      • Expert Developing
    • Food Provider
      • Menus
    • Human Resources
    • Repair and Operations
      • Pesticide Advisory
      • Facility Rental
      • Campus Construction Updates
        • Stage We
        • Period II
        • Period III
    • Transport
      • Transportation Solutions
    • Technology
    • Staff Place
    • Student Services
      • Psychological State
      • Homebound/ Hospitalized
      • McKinney-Vento (Homeless training)
      • English Learners (EL)
      • Area 504/ADA
      • Special Education
        • What’s Unique Education?
          • Is my youngster is qualified?
          • Start of the procedure
          • Exactly what does it suggest?
          • What exactly is an IEP?
          • Distinction between an IEP and an area 504 Arrange?
          • Whenever can it be no further needed?
        • Evaluation Process
        • Products & Solutions
        • Parent Resources
    • Superintendent

Welcome to Red Hawks Athletics at Cedar Springs Tall Schools. Our Athletes work tirelessly from the court/track/field but in addition within the class to help keep a top standard on their academics.

Senior School Athletic Department


  1. Real and/or health questionnaires completed (connect to web web page) and converted into senior school
  2. Parent waiver signed and switched in prior to tasks
  3. Face masks (should be on)
  4. Sports beverage/Water (no products are supplied because of protocols that are


  • Twelfth Grade Baseball
  • Senior High School Soccer (Girls)
  • Senior High School Softball
  • Senior High School Tennis (Girls)
  • Senior High School Track


  • Class designated club recreations (MS football, HS bowling, HS hockey) may have a split cost
  • Each advisor will try to have advisor conference that individuals encourage every person to wait
  • Touch base to team mentor, athletic manager or assistant with any extra concerns


  1. Usually do not started up to a practice/tryout if you should be displaying any signs
  2. Don’t come up to a practice/tryout if you should be COVID good
  3. Try not to started up to a practice/tryout when you yourself have experienced close experience of somebody who has
  4. Athletes will go through temperature checks, and an indicator check just before all tasks
  5. Athletes must show up putting on face coverings to practices/tryout/contest games
  6. Athletes must bring their beverages that are ownno refills will soon be available)
  7. Athletes must keep distancing that is social

Fall Sports

Woman’s Varsity Cheer Team: Mentor Anne Olszewski

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Highschool Athletic DirectorJohn Norton 616-696-9080 x7906