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HELP! Do I need to remain faithful or break it well?

HELP! Do I need to remain faithful or break it well?

I’ve been dating this adorable, loving girl for around a few months. I will be 21 and she actually is 20. I took her virginity so i am her first love. She states she just wishes one love and that she desires to be beside me forever. She usually pays and she bought about 400$ worth of clothes around my birthday for me when we eat out.

The difficulty we show up with in this relationship is that i’ve a difficult time trusting her on occasion

. this woman is acutely stubborn whenever she does not feel just like doing one thing. Within my heart, whenever she doesnt tune in to me personally, I am made by it maybe not trust her. We tell her to complete a simple task and until I give her an ultimatum if she doesn’t feel like doing it, she will fight and nag and pout. I can not think i must just take things thus far merely to make her pay attention to me personally often. She informs me that “she’s maybe not your pet dog for you yourself to command”, but i merely asked her in the future in to the shop beside me? (evidently there have been individuals who she knew when you look at the shop that she did not like to see her).

Another associated issue is the fact that she cares a significant amount of about exactly what other folks think of her. Whenever she was not using her connections and ended up being wearing cups, she forced us to maybe not walk anywhere near university children. She also yanked me personally into a puddle because I became walking too near to some university young ones near a bar. As soon as we fight i usually threaten to split up along with her. And now we return back and forth during that. She constantly wind up saying sorry and that she will try to change, but I haven’t seen much change that she loves me and. Simply the other week, i simply shared with her i desired to split up because i have to complete my bachelors level and therefore i did not have enough time to purchase a relationship once I need to give attention to my Engineering level, she declined and stated “many individuals continue to have relationships during college and do well in college” Another event once I informed her i desired to split up she stated that “she’d destroy by herself if we split up together with her” we even told my father in regards to the situation. Continue reading HELP! Do I need to remain faithful or break it well?